100 steps to success

This is a blog of steps taken towards a sustainable income as an independant creator. It might be worth considering them a 'hundred experiments' as most were approached with a 'what if' mindset than a deterministic one.

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  1. Create icons for feature lists
  2. Use bolder design for landing pages
  3. Set an example for how to use a new medium
  4. Help friends to get started
  5. Create tutorials to demonstrate how things work
  6. House everything in the commons
  7. Centralize project discussion and community
  8. Start a weekly thing
  9. Create original content on a regular basis
  10. Offer calls to action across projects
  11. Differentiate unrelated elements with contrast
  12. Announce the latest thing across projects
  13. Overview the universe
  14. Host events
  15. Measure progress
  16. Broadcast the exit
  17. Collaborate with others
  18. Try everything

✱ Inspired by @visakanv's do 💯 thing

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