An entrepreneur (as someone who takes risk to realize visions), a writer (as someone who writes and publishes text), and a musician (as someone who makes music).

Producing a podcast, various apps and projects, writing reflections and observations, cultivating this digital garden, and other stuff.

Not make a living at the moment (burning through savings). Was selling my own iOS apps and social media promotion for live music. Now expanding the commons and sustained by voluntary contributions from people like you.

Music is my faith. Mostly guitar, some piano, occasional singing—always listening; more professional music training than most people, but not too much. See Fleeting Arrivals for my listening recommendations (you probably won't find that kind of music in other places…). A tiny concert for a friend was proudly published with imperfections.

Often travelling and learning languages to meet new people (salut, hola, oi, اهلا, hallo).

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