Tiny concert for a friend

I often say that formally studying music "broke my soul into a thousand pieces which I'm slowly putting back together again". It has been a process for me to make more music, feel comfortable with performing and improvising as well as thinking about composition.

This performance of some improvisation and a few songs from Joyce Moreno's album Revendo Amigos (1994) symbolizes for me an evolution to a more holistic relationship with music, less affected by my own dogmas and that of the institutions I participated in, more marked by a desire to share and an acknowledgement of my own abilities and how I relate to the world.

In preparation, I used some inner feedback loops that helped me developed a comfort with mistakes, with the sound of my voice, with my inchoate abilities on a new instrument. There is still a part of me that wants to professionalize everything, but it's more under control. I can enjoy this for what it is, I can own this, I can be proud of this. It's an expansive space: I have more to do here.

The music below is not completely refined and presented with imperfections, but it's a very strong message to myself that I hope to remember beyond the moment of its creation.

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