Things I built to be shared publicly. Inspired by Josh Pigford.

started icon name description status
2006 Phile Planet hand-coded blog about random things Archived
2008 The Scrutinizer site with quick access to developer tools and search engines Archived
2009 iLift (with Wil) app for learning music from recordings Re-launched as AudioScrub in 2014
2010 pno duo (with Trevor) improvisational piano four-hands podcast Archived
2011 iLift Loop remote control for the iOS Music app Re-launched as AudioScrub in 2014
2012 note the sound local live music listings Archived
2013 Objective algorithms for trading in financial markets Archived
2014 AudioScrub app for learning music from recordings Archived after leaving iOS
2014 Cooked August a month of cooking and photographing food three times a day Archived
2015 Quick Record app for recording audio Archived after leaving iOS
2015 Ticker metronome app Archived after leaving iOS
2015 Emoji Log personal tracker Inactive
2015 sonogrid polyrhythm app Archived after leaving iOS
2016 Belonging conference Archived
2018 Packrat file downloader app Archived
2018 OldSkool modules for other projects Inactive
2018 Hyperdraft note-taking app Inactive
2018 Carrot Price unit cost calculator Archived after leaving iOS
2018 Aural short ambient audio recordings from personal travels Archived
2019 Launchlet customize the web Inactive
2019 MassageTXT micro language for converting between text and structured data Inactive
2020 Kommit flashcards app Inactive
2020 0data apps that let you own your data Inactive
2020 Garden coming soon Inactive
2021 Appring webring for web apps Inactive
2021 Joybox a pinboard for audiovisual media Inactive
2021 The Café a place for us to hang out Archived
2021 Ephemerata reflections, observations, and life at the edge Archived
2021 Easy Indie App run your own X in a few clicks Inactive
2021 Fleeting Arrivals music recommendations Active
2022 Strolling conversations along my way Active
2023 Seeds collection of songs I love to sing Archived
2023 Sharesnip free QR code generator and scanner Active

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