Fire mindset

An approach to circumventing mental blocks by deliberately interpreting everything as fuel for your own progress.

"Transform it into something useful"

If the outcome is not what you wanted, ask if it still serves your purposes in some way. I have surprised myself many times at how often this is the case.

"Treat it as a challenge"

You might be entering into a difficult experience, but you can try to prepare as much as possible and treat failure as practice. Adapting to unfamiliar circumstances makes you more resilient. You will either level up or learn something.

"Train through adverse circumstances"

[This is more aggressive than the others but I know people that practice this and it seems to work for them. I think it requires a certain inner strength.]

Try what is difficult to augment your capabilities. Overcome a block through repeated attempts. The moment you feel you can't do it is exactly the moment to push forward. If you survive, it stretches you.


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