Responsive mindset

An approach to circumventing mental blocks by prioritizing the path of least resistance.

"Don't force anything"

Friction can emerge from feelings of obligation or the potential of moving through unclear territory (where you don't yet have the tools to understand). Charging ahead or forcing your way through can be unpleasant while simultaneously producing an inferior result. Maybe better to leave it until it fits the moment and focus on something with higher synergy.

"I don't have a strong opinion at the moment"

Acknowledge that there are multiple possibilities with no clear winner. Defer the choice until there is more information or a more clear perspective.

"Pick the option that feels most natural"

Stay focused on things that makes you feel excitement or passion. If you're blocked, try to discover options you had previously not considered.

I only write when I immediately know how to do it, if I falter for a moment, I put the matter aside and do something else. […] I always work on different manuscripts at the same time. With this method, to work on different things simultaneously, I never encounter any blockages.
— Niklas Luhmann

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