Collaborate with others

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

Working solo is more natural for me, so I had to practice involving people in what I do. After getting an abundance of community-building ideas from the Get Together book and podcast, I spent some time implementing them while hosting events.

I co-hosted salons on how apps impact our habits, and improvisation with friends from the Interintellect community, as well as a Zero Data Maker Meet with cblgh. Organizing with someone else involved more planning and coordination, but enabled the idea to have a larger scope and more diverse perspective. Having a co-host freed me up to take notes during the event or be more present (not needing to worry so much about guiding things).

Noel De Martin and I worked together on a simple example project for anyone looking to integrate their apps with Zero Data protocols. This created a cross-pollination between communities that don't frequently interact and made it easier for each to understand the others.

One of the 100 steps to success.

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