Universal project folder structure

A three-part talk that describes a unified filesystem pattern spanning from a single-file library to an entire app.


time section notes
00:00 Introduction
01:13 Some design goals The folder is the cosmos
03:15 Part 1: libraries OLSKString
05:25 Library examples
08:02 Complex library Zero Data Wrap
09:57 Part 2: components Build and run my apps on your machine, [[System A (TBA)]], [[System B (TBA)]]
10:43 System A: simple OLSKLanding
13:08 System A: complex OLSKAppFeatureList
14:48 System B: simple OLSKPlaceholder
15:32 System B: complex OLSKInstall
17:13 Part 3: apps Hyperdraft
19:40 .env
20:41 rollup-config.js
21:29 os-app
21:54 Prefixes
23:42 _shared
24:26 Excluded folders
25:40 Just folders
25:59 controller.js
28:13 submodules
28:35 Comparing apps Joybox
29:38 Productivity Measure ability to make updates to older projects

Some design goals

Part 1: libraries

Think of it as a list of functions specified in main.js, with corresponding logic test suites for each function in main-tests.js. No build system is required to run. Simply test with olsk-spec.

Part 2: components

Rather than abstract code, these are visual interfaces specified in HTML via templating language. EJS templates are in main.ejs, Svelte templates are in main.svelte. Interface test suites are specified by the pattern ui-test-* and can be run with olsk-spec-ui.

System A requires no build or compile and can be tested after starting olsk-express. System B requires the additional olsk-rollup-watch. See Build and run my apps on your machine for description of the two systems.

Part 3: apps

rollup-config.js passes variables in .env from Node.js to JavaScript.

controller.js defines the public URL path and language codes.

os-app is simply a combination of libraries and components. Subfolders can be named anything, but I use prefixes as a personal preference for tidiness: open-* means public-facing; sub-* is one way to organize submodules; machines access the contents of tech-*.

__* is a convention to exclude from the version control system.

Part of Project workflow.

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