Welcome to the jungle

This is a place for me to gather information, ideas, thoughts, resources on my interests, notes to myself, etc… Some people call this a digital garden.

Anything goes. It's a space to write, think, explore, and work in public.

There might be notes on music, design, technology, writing, languages, success, or whatever's §top of mind.

I keep track of places I visit, books I read, projects I release, some recipes I enjoyed cooking, events I participate in.

The absence of any index or reverse-chronological presentation means that the best way to get a sense for what's in here is to click around. But there is a traditional blog format with some featured posts.

I'm also mostly focused on podcasting via Strolling at the moment, and some of my favourite recent episodes are:

Also significant is the conversation about recipes and expertise with Judy Perly.

✱ Inspired by all the [[wiki link]] systems out there, most recently one by Andy Matuschak.

✱✱ Written with Hyperdraft + Garden.

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