Help friends to get started

It can be helpful to cultivate a seed group of participants in your project to understand points of friction, learn how others perceive the experience, communicate that there are real people using it. If you have friends who would be a good fit within this group, it can be fun to get them to participate.

To attempt this with Hyperdraft and Garden, I worked one-on-one with many people in my network rather than just 'sending them a link'. It was important to be present and walk them through any aspects that weren't clear. I became aware of which aspects of the project were obvious to me but not to them and improved the documentatino as a result. Some of their public pages are included in Gardens made with Hyperdraft.

With Kommit, I was teaching languages to friends and tried to minimize as much as possible the burden of setting up remoteStorage accounts, installing the app on their homescreens, creating sample data—it was very involved [[onboarding]].

One of the 100 steps to success.

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