Podcasting Strolling since January 2022, and detaching from online life since August 2022.

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2021.11.30 Hosting remoteStorage monthly hangout November 2021
2021.11.28 Co-hosting Improvisation, Spontaneity, and Oneness Vivek
2021.11.24 Co-hosting Zero Data Swap #4: Hello World Noel De Martin
2021.10.29 Presenting 'wetware of writing and doing' at Tools for Thought Rocks October Meeting
2021.10.27 Co-hosting Zero Data Swap #3: Maker Meet cblgh
2021.10.23 Co-hosting Are Apps Making Us Better Or Worse? Vidhika Bansal
2021.10.20 Hosting remoteStorage monthly hangout October 2021
2021.09.29 Hosting Zero Data Swap #2: Files / Portability Gordon Brander
2021.09.18 Hosting Building Social Bridges and Healing a Divided World
2021.09.14 Hosting remoteStorage monthly hangout September 2021
2021.08.27 Chatting #ZeroData on The Runtime podcast Rafael Kennedy
2021.08.21 Hosting remoteStorage monthly hangout August 2021
2021.07.31 Hosting Music and Emotion Sharing Circle
2021.07.28 Hosting Zero Data Swap #1: Schemas and Cambria
2021.07.08 Chatting making a living building software without holding other people's data Fission
2021.06.18 Chatting entrepreneurship Amandine Flachs and Yinch
2021.01.14 Chatting Hyperdraft, 0data, remoteStorage, funding Fission

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