Digital garden

In 2020 a movement formed towards quiet personal spaces for writing on the Internet, with various names such as digital garden, personal wiki, or public notes.

They value reclaiming a personal web domain moreso than a presence on centralized networks. They organized by context and are not temporal, often as opposition to the stream or timeline.

A primary objective is to cultivate density between the pages over time, to give new life to what already exists by threading as opposed to emphasizing 'the latest thing that happened', to attenuate and counter Designed to disappear.

I consider this the technology-centric path towards Paulo Friere's biblioteca comunitária (community library), which was an effort to increase literacy in rural communities and give their members the skills to document, immortalize, share knowledge and cultural practices.

It is encouraging that people with little technical skills are participating in creating these spaces online. It will be more potent when it transforms from personal to collective spaces so that people can [[write together]].

Some examples might include Andy Matuschak, Hundred Rabbits, Maggie Appleton, Mental Nodes.

Hyperdraft is a text-focused tool that aids in the creation of these spaces. See Gardens made with Hyperdraft for examples.

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